Ambience, Antiquite and Other Love Songs

by Ross Hammond

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    Ambience, Antiquite and Other Love Songs:

    In the past few years I've found myself doing more and more solo gigs and have wanted a record that would represent that music. The idea for this record was spearheaded after a solo concert at Antiquite Maison Privee in Sacramento in November of 2010. That set was recorded live to a 4 track reel-to-reel by Bryce Gonzales and is featured here.

    The other songs are a mix of electric and acoustic guitars, mbira, lap steel, bass guitar, drum machines and electronics. More importantly is that while the songs are instrumental, they are all themes to significant pieces of my life. All of the music presented here is like a time capsule in the same way a photograph or journal would be. This collection of music is intended to set moods, tell stories and provide an audio landscape for the joys, losses, humor and romances that life brings. Thanks very much for listening.

    Thanks to Bryce Gonzales for recording and mastering, to Jesse Vasquez for the photos and to Lawrence Dinkins for the artwork and layout. Special thanks to my two lovely ladies for their love and support.

    This record is dedicated to my daughter Lola.
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"Sacramento-based guitarist Ross Hammond has obviously worked hard at developing his impressive variety of sounds and approached to the electric & acoustic guitar. This is a solo offering in which every piece explores a variety of techniques, textures and devices. On "Weatherstone" Ross has a fine Fripp-like tone while adding a series echoed riffs on top, a style that surf guitarists, and Marc Ribot, often utilize.

On "Everything is New" Ross loops a hypnotic phrase while playing a slow, sensuous solo on top with the occasional punctuation of his daughter's cry as sublime sonic seasoning. Each of the ten songs here create a different mood and/or show how Ross has selected various layers and turned them into an impressive array of inter-connected ideas or finished works. This is a most unassuming collection of pieces which are ultimately quite magical." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
"Antiquité is the moment in history when writing was born. Ambience, Antiquite and Other Love Songs is the title of Ross Hammond’s latest full-length, 11 tracks (all great) that run the gamut from guitar runnin’ and drum-machine ruminations, such as opener “Weatherstone,” to solo experimental-jazz wanderings, like on the eight-plus-minute “Strauss Is Everywhere!” Sprinkled in between are shorter instrumentals, including “Monday Night Philosophy Club” and its slide guitar; and lullaby “Your Daddy Loves You,” a live recording of Hammond riffing on an acoustic. This Saturday’s album-release show is a free, all-ages gig at Oak Park’s Old Soul coffeehouse(3434 Broadway, 7:30 p.m.) And don’t forget to attend Hammond’s Monday-night jazz series, Nebraska Mondays, at Luna’s Café & Juice Bar."
-Nick Miller, Sacramento News and Review


released March 2, 2011

Ross Hammond-Guitar, Electronics, Mbira, Bass, Drum Machines, Ipod, etc.



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Ross Hammond Sacramento

Sacramento guitarist, coffee drinker, Chihuahua owner and Dad. Holla!

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